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Support our Heroes

The Peace Twig Pin is sold to raise funds in support of our Peacekeepers and First Responders.  Every day people put their lives on the line to protect our safety and security. Our heroes need your support both financially and emotionally to recover from their injuries be they physical or emotional.  Our goal is to see a public display of support by wearing a Peace Twig Pin. Funds go to support the Legion, Wounded Warriors and First Responders Assistance Groups. The pin is the colour of our UN peacekeeper berets.

This Fall our event "Concert Under Glass" is celebrating the life of  Daniel Pearl a journalist and classical musician who believed that tolerance, diversity and the power of music can bridge differences and bring peace to the world.  Check out Events at www.danielpearlmusicdays.org

Join us at 24565 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC,  V4R 1W9 Sat Oct 28 from 10 - 3 and be in the video that we will be uploading to the Daniel Pearl website.

Elevate our Canadian Heroes

The program is simple. 

Buy a pin for $20 and wear it. 

Tell someone else about it and pay our message forward.  

Get recognition for your organization or business. Support employee participation.  

Become a participant as Maple Ridge hosts the launch of this National Campaign.  

For more information  contact CEO Wendy Cook at 604-290-1140

Programs will be expanding in 2018 to include other deserving community projects that our board supports through financial and administrative involvement to support local  initiatives.


Launch of the Peace Twig Mission April 2017

 The Peace Twig Habitat Foundation has been in development since the start of the new millennium, when the founding directors came together with a passionate call of support for our first responder and military heroes.   Internationally acclaimed artist Jane MacKay crafted a beautiful lapel pin that showcases the peace twig emblem and sparkles with the pride we feel as Canadians for those who protect and serve our communities. The colours match the blue Berets worn by the U.N. peacekeepers known internationally as a symbol for humanity and peace for everyone. This wearable piece of art is an outward expression of support and commitment for peace worldwide.   The Peace Twig Habitat Foundation is committed to supporting those in our military, ambulance, fire and police that need assistance with healthcare, housing and therapy for conditions such as PTSD.  We ask everyone to do their part, and support our Heroes. Wear their Peace Twig pin proudly and support the businesses that contribute to keeping the peace in our communities and make the world a place of peace, caring and sharing.

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